Erick Holder investigate “Fast and Furious” e-mail whistle blower.

The Erick Holder Department of Injustice has opened an investigation into top secret information being leaked out of the Obama Administration whitehouse.

Holder assigns prosecutors to investigate leaks

(CNN) — Attorney General Eric Holder said on Friday he had assigned two U.S. attorneys to lead investigations into the possible leaking of state secrets.

“The unauthorized disclosure of classified information can compromise the security of this country and all Americans, and it will not be tolerated,” he said in a statement.

Holder assigned U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Ronald C. Machen Jr., a Democratic appointee, and U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein, a holdover GOP appointee, to lead the investigations.

“These two highly respected and experienced prosecutors will be directing separate investigations currently being conducted by the FBI. I have every confidence in their abilities to doggedly follow the facts and the evidence in the pursuit of justice wherever it leads,” said Holder.

Supposedly this investigation is being undergone because of partisan assertions that the Obama administration Whitehouse has been leaking classified information to bolster the Presidents public image and increase his chances of reelection.

Obama: I’m offended that my hyperpolitical administration is being accused of leaking classified info for electoral gain

Via Mediaite, profound righteousness from a guy who’s been zealous in prosecuting lower-level bigmouths but somehow hasn’t cracked down on the one two three four five major leaks in the past year that conveniently burnished his campaign image as an ass-kicking, Osama-killing, Iran-hacking James Bond of a C-in-C. In fact, he’s so offended that he’s not even going to entertain the idea of an independent prosecutor to find out where these curiously politically helpful stories keep coming from.

“No,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said when asked if Obama would yield to congressional requests that an “independent counsel” investigate a recent series of intelligence leaks to the media. “I refer you to agencies that are tasked with investigating these kinds of matter. And, again, this is something that the President insists that his administration take all appropriate and necessary steps to prevent leaks of classified information or sensitive information that could risk our counterterrorism operations.”

Carney also couldn’t agree to a congressional investigation. “I know there was a press conference today and I just don’t have enough information about it,” he told reporters. “But this President is fully committed to preventing leaks of classified information, as well as sensitive information that could jeopardize our counterterrorism efforts.”

Let us dismiss this farcical and absurd notion right here and now. There is absolutely no way in hell that Erick Holder’s investigation into Obama Administration Whitehouse leaks has anything what-so-ever to do with leaks on counter-terrorism strategies that make Obama look good. Erick Holder, who in my personal opinion is the most corrupt Attorney General in the history of the United States of America, has opened these investigation for one reason and one reason only.

Issa to Holder on F&F: “You are not a good witness”

Earlier this week, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa revealed that he had acquired new evidence supporting his claim that senior DOJ officials were well aware of the gunwalking occuring as part of the (not-”botched”) operation known as Fast & Furious. This morning, the House Judiciary Committee brought Attorney General Eric Holder in to testify regarding the new evidence.

Chairman Lamar Smith opened his remarks with Fast and Furious, saying the Department of Justice has not provided enough information about the operation that has left hundreds dead in Mexico and at least one U.S. federal agent, Brian Terry, dead. Smith berated the Justice Department for its failure to comply with Congressional subpoenas that “may shed light on why this program was authorized and who had knowledge of the inappropriate tactics.” …

“Fast and Furious was a mid-level, regional investigation,” Holder said. “Mr. Weinstein and Mr. Breuer did not know about the tactics being used in Fast and Furious until the beginning of last year.”

When asked about whether his senior officials in the Justice Department had simply read the wiretap applications, Holder responded by saying his top officials did not read the affidavits and the details of what was in the Fast and Furious wiretaps while trying to talk his way around the questions asked.

“Mr. Attorney General, you are not a good witness. Good witnesses answer the question,” Issa said. …

“A reasonable person would only come to the conclusion that senior members of the department of Justice knew about gunwalking tactics in Fast and Furious,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz said.

That reason is as simple and obvious as the sun rising in the east every morning. Somebody leaked damning e-mail regarding exactly who in the DOJ and the Whitehouse knew what and when they knew it regarding “Fast and Furious”. Erick Holder was question by Congress regarding the content of those e-mails and responded basically by telling Congress, Shut-up, that’s why.


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