Email sent to the Maryland State Attorney General.

After reading the accounts of Arron Walker’s arrest today I decided to do the only thing that this lowly blogger cold do. That was to write the Maryland Attorney Generals office in protest of the travesty of justice unraveling itself in Maryland today. In my usual fashion, it is way over the top sardonic sarcasm. Since it was sent to a bunch of totalitarian thugs there is of course the risk that they will not be able to perceive it as the brutally ripping satire it is, they would have to be pretty stupid not to get it, but then again, they are after all “public servants” so it is at best a 50/50 shot.

Sieg Heil mine Gruppenführer,

With the arrest of the evil conservative Lawyer Arron Walker today Maryland has moved light years ahead in the destruction of the evil and disgusting 1st amendment to that horrible dusty old document written by those dastardly old dead white men. You and your staff are to be congratulated on your above and beyond the call of duty efforts. Former Montgomery County Chief Justice James Vaughey has dealt those vile and despicable conservative bloggers a mortal blow and shown them the truth and light that they can only publish such utterances as are approved by the glorious State. In the name of Obama the beneficent I urge you to strike out with ever greater vigilance and vigor, incarcerating at every possible opportunity any and every individual who would oppose the will of the glorious State.

The odious and offensive beliefs of those rightwing conservative bloggers must not under any circumstance be allowed to pollute the internet or public conscientiousness, they must be hit hard and repeatedly until they ceases all together will their posting of mere factual assertions. What matter is it that twittering about someone isn’t actually communicating with that individual, if you allow them to bring this obscene fact to light, where will they stop? So what if Brett Kimberlin is a convicted felon with a documented history of causing physical harm to other, with a documented history of lying under oath, of misusing and abusing the legal system. Brett Kimberlin and his various and assorted accomplices actions serve the greater cause, if their SWAT’ing of Conservative Bloggers causes those blogger to cease and desist posting posting their damned factual information and disrupting the political meme’s of the State what is the harm in that?

I therefore applaud the callous and contemptuous manner in which, you, your office and your staff studiously endeavor to publicly ignore this so called controversy of allowing a fine upstanding democrat operative to further terrorize, intimidate and deceitfully arrange for the manipulation of your glorious State’s judicial system to incarcerate and intimidate anyone who would stand in opposition of the States ever tightening grip on it’s foolish ignorant and slothful subject…

Perhaps a word or two from your office to the district attorney’s office can arrange for more charges to be filed against Arron Walker so that an even stronger message can be sent to those damn accursed Conservative Blogger’s who stubbornly refuse allow the actions taken by Brett Kimberlin on behalf of the Democrat Party to sink below the waves of public awareness. When enough of them have had their doors kicked in in the middle of the night by SWAT Teams and arrested and charged like Arron Walker maybe they will finally get the message and shut up.


3 thoughts on “Email sent to the Maryland State Attorney General.

  1. Awesome letter! Too bad the asshats in The People’s Republic of Maryland (where unfortunately I reside) will never understand it and even if they do, won’t care anyway.

  2. Sorry, they won’t get it. They are self absorbed pathological idiots without a nickels worth of common sense in the whole lot of them.

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