The Fifth Column Treasonous Media starts to notice that they have fallen from Grace.

Once upon a time there was this mythical creature, the honest journalist, a creature of intelligence and integrity. A fearless warrior battling the forces of evil and corruption on all fronts.

Ya, and if you believe that, you probably also believe that Obama has lead us all out of the darkness and into the light. The truth, the real ugly unvarnished truth is that their never have been any unbiased objective journalists. Never in the entire history of the human race.

In 1974 one of the most profound revolutions in history began quietly with little notice by the vast majority of the world. For all intents and purposes it began in Menlo Park California. It was conceived of explicitly for the purpose of the facilitation academic and scientific research. It was, the birth of the internet. What it was and to this day remains, is a collection of searchable computer databases.

Back before the internet existed journalists and newspaper columnists had heavily armored fortresses from which to dictate their ideology from, they controlled what stories got told and which ideological slant each story was told from. And their positions were unassailable, unchallengeable.

It was not a joke when Mark Twain once remarked that it was a terribly bad idea to pick a fight with someone who bought ink by the barrel. A newspaper columnist for the New York Times in 1970 had a bully pulpit that consisted of 35 million paid subscriptions.

More importantly the average individual had little to no capacity to argue with or refute anything that was published in the New York Times in 1970. It was 100 percent up to the editor whether or not any opposing point of view was even recognized or not.

Journalist and columnists, the entire Fifth Column Treasonous Media for that matter, didn’t loose their power and authority because of the invention of the internet. They lost it because the internet gave average everyday individuals the opportunity to do exactly what the internet was originally designed to facilitate in the first place.

The internet gave people the chance to check the veracity of what the media was reporting. The media had been playing fast and loose with the truth, using their bully pulpit to propagandize events rather than provide unbiased information. They lost their position of social importance when everyday people found out they were being deceived and manipulated.

Once that happened the internet became a forum for discussion that the media no longer had the exclusive control over what stories or events the general public learned about or where a single ideological slant could be put out unchallenged. To be blunt, they fell from grace because they had become corrupted by their own arrogance, and that corruption was exposed when the average person could check the facts themselves.

Now these columnist and journalists are finally starting to understand that they are no longer the gatekeepers of information, that they no longer control the political or ideological narratives, that their propaganda isn’t just falling on deaf ears, but being met with outright unbridled ridicule. And I, as one of the smallest and least important bloggers on the face of the planet can not but help feel the delightful schadenfreude while watching them stumble around in the dark attempting in vain to comprehend how or why they fell from grace.


5 thoughts on “The Fifth Column Treasonous Media starts to notice that they have fallen from Grace.

  1. That kind of makes them more dangerous at this point, than ever before doesn’t it?.. What influence they have left is waning fast, people are on to their agenda of electing only democrats. Everyone I talk to online agrees, this is their last chance to hold on to power, because with Obama gone, so is their hope to regulate the web into a neutered form they can control.

    Whatever lines they left uncrossed before, all bets are off this time.

    I really believe they’ll cross over into actual election fraud themselves, rather than merely refusing to cover it. What ever laws they have to break, because if they win, like fast and furious, the public simply will never hear about it.

    We have to be even more watchful than before.

  2. Is this why there have been wars waged against the Internet by the almighty gov? They are really just trying to shut us up?
    And is this why they use scare tactics, threatening us with infringement of our privacy?
    I’ll go to the rooftop and shout out the truth if I have to.

    • Yes it is, they have lost the ability to engage in unchallenged propaganda, and without that ability, people start to think for themselves, and when they think for themselves, they start asking very difficult questions. Questions that politicians have little choice in answering save asserting their 5th amendment constitutional rights. They can no longer make the public think what they want them to and even worse, they can no longer declare the discussion over and finished as they once could. Ask Antony Wiener what happens when the public cannot be told that the discussion is now over or that their is nothing to talk about.

  3. Very well stated. Just as Rush Limbaugh demonstrated to people that there were many others out there who thought the same, the rise of blogs has provided the means for them to express those opinions and to debunk the myths the MSM concocts.

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