Someone want to remind me of what Article II Section 4 of the United States Constitution says?

Obama on hot-mic moment: I wasn’t “hiding the ball”

Barack Obama has either ignored or outright violated the US Constitution for over 3 years now, word is he has violated the US Constitution at least 12 times, and at best Congresses response has been to hide under their desks and whimper like a beaten dog. Their is no doubt what so ever that congress is scared to death that if they attempt to hold Barack Obama accountable to the US Constitution that they will be treated exactly the same as George Zimmerman. Which is to say, forced into hiding for fear of their lives by thugs and gangsters who would put a dead or alive bounty on their heads.

If the Latin Kings, Italian Mafia, Chinese Mob, Mexican Mob, Russian Mob, Hell’s Angels or the Aryan Nation had put a bounty on a Black Person the FBI would be all over them. The Black Panthers do that and nothing is said. Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice not only turns a blind eye to the indisputably criminal act of solicitation to commit Murder by the New Black Panthers, but turns it’s attention to prosecuting George Zimmerman for having the audacity to defend his life against a gangbanger who was brutally assaulting him.

How Dare George Zimmerman, didn’t George understand that he was suppose to take his potentially life threatening beating at the hands of Trevyon Martin and and be glad for it, rather than defend his life up to and including using deadly force to do so.

Congress, on the other hand, unlike George Zimmerman, who WAS taking an active role in protecting his community is not only not protecting those whom they are sworn to represent, they are taking their potentially life threatening beating and they ARE LIKING IT. Is there any point at which the United States Congress stands up and accepts their responsibility to uphold the US Constitution?

More importantly even than the cowardly failure to act displayed by the United States Congress is the criminal conspiracy by the Fifth Column Treasonous Media. Is their one single person in America who can honestly say, that had a President Sarah Palin been caught on video making this exact same deal with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that the entire Fifth Column Treasonous Media would not be screaming at the highest volume they could attain that her actions demanded that she be impeached immediately?

Andrew Breitbart is reputed to have told his friends repeatedly that the Fifth Column Treasonous Media were America’s greatest enemy, Andrew was not wrong, Barack Obama is America’s greatest enemy right now, but after Barack Obama is gone the Fifth Column Treasonous Media will still be there, and will still be America’s greatest enemy. What the Soviet Union and the KGB were unable to accomplish from the outside the Fifth Column Treasonous Media is accomplishing from the inside.


One thought on “Someone want to remind me of what Article II Section 4 of the United States Constitution says?

  1. I am confused. Does not Russia and China threaten us if we threaten Arab nations with aggressive action or war?
    And does not Obama profess to be Muslim? And has not Obama been apologising to the world, especially Arabs for America sins against them? So does this not make Obama friends with the Arab nation? And would this not make Obama friends with Russia?
    So how does all this work? It appears to me that this is all designed by a much bigger political machine and done in plain sight, but why? Back to Russia, I believe that this is intentional to send messages to the world, but I don’t know what the messages are. I do not believe that Obama is afraid of losing the election, because he already knows what the outcome will be. It is also clear to me that he has zero concerns or fears of committing treason or undermining our Constitution, so would this not make him to appear to know something that we do not know?

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