CNN lies to it’s viewers and get’s caught.

Soledad O’Brian in an interview with Joel Pollak attempted to make a false assertion with regard to Critical Race Theory that was being brought up by as it connected to Barack Obama as showed in a video obtained by Breitbart where Barack Obama vigorously supported the Critical Race Theories advocated by the Late Harvard Professor Derrick Bell.

When asked by Soledad O’Brian what the Bombshell revelations was, Breitbart’s Joel Pollak informed Soledad of Bell’s Critical Race Theory advocacy and of Barack Obama’s support of Bell’s position. Where upon, Soledad again demanded to know what the Bombshell was. When Joel Pollak informed Soledad that Critical Race Theory is a pseudo-theory which asserts that the entire US legal system is designed to support and maintain the entrenched White Supremacist position Soledad went off in a highly emotionally charged diatribe implying that not only was Joel Pollak completely wrong about Critical Race Theory, but that Jeol himself was a Racists for even daring to make such an assertion about Critical Race Theory (a charge made by one of Soledad’s other guest and not rebutted by Soledad). 

And as if her either intentional or through ignorance mischaracterization of Critical Race Theory were not bad enough (Helloieee Soledad O’Brian, the internet actually allows people to check the fact on their own) Soledad added injury to insult the next day when she brought Dorothy Brown on her show to rebut Joel Pollak, whom Soledad conveniently did not allow to be present for that rebuttal and Dorothy Brown straight up lied to CNN’s viewers in asserting that Critical Race theory had nothing what so ever to do with White Supremacy.

To directly quote Dorothy Brown in her published work

First, critical race theory seeks to expose the entrenchment of White supremacy and the reality of the continued subordination of people of color in the United States(and throughout the world), and to unravel its relationship with the rule of law. More specifically, race crits examine how racial power constitutes and reproduces itself through the apparatuses of law and culture.

Second, race crits are not satisfied with merely naming and understanding their observations and discoveries; they also are committed to transforming the relationship between law and hegemonic racial power in order to destabilize that power.

Third, like critical legal scholars, race crits continue to reject notions of objectivity and neutrality in the law, and the idea that legal scholarship can and should be so characterized.

To say that Dorothy Brown and Soledad O’Brian intentionally lied to CNN’s viewer’s would be a colossal understatement. The absolute and indisputable truth is that Critical Race Theory does in fact make the assertion that the entire US legal system is designed intentional to support White Supremacy, moreover as was pointed out by Joel Pollak and Barack Obama is both a supporter of Derrick Bell and a proponent of Critical Race Theory.

When boiled down to it’s simplest and most unavoidable terms, Critical Race Theory is in fact a Black Supremacist Theory. It is nothing less than Black Racism and Soledad O’Brian and Dorothy Brown intentionally lied to CNN’s viewers for the explicit purpose of preventing the American general public from looking into Critical Race Theory and discovering that the President of the United States of America fully supports Black Racism.

That’s right Ladies and Gentleman, the big bombshell dropped by Andrew Breitart just prior to his death is that Barack Hussein Obama is a Racist.

Having lied to CNN’s viewers Soledad O’Brian apparently could not resist doubling down on her journalist malfeasance, she had to take it yet one step further.

Soledad O’Brian stop tweeting me about Derrick Bell

O’Brien limited the discussion to herself and a guest that could support her version of the facts. After the discussion O’Brien told angry viewers to “stop Tweeting me!” and arbitrarily declared the issue dead and announced that she was “moving on.”

Yup, nothing like lying to your viewers, then telling them to shut the hell up when they object to being lied to. Good going their Soledad, you have just proven why 80 percent of the American people say they cannot trust the media. CNN’s journey from Fourth Estate protector of the Republic to Fifth Column Treasonous Media co-conspirator in a Marxist attempted coup in America is now 100 percent complete. 

Check out Soledad’s Twitter page if you think this is going away anytime soon, think again.

Edit: Allahpundit over at Hot Air steps up the coverage


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