100 percent of the Marxist in Mordor on the Potomac oppose the Keystone Pipeline.

A recent poll has shone that 50% of Dems, 69% of independents want the Keystone Pipeline built.

Poll: 50% of Dems, 69% of independents want Keystone pipeline built

Republican support is over 70%.

Meanwhile Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made his opinion of the Obama Administrations obvious disgust at the notion of America buying Canadian Tar Sand oil about as obvious as super super Nova going off in one’s very own back yard.

Fantastic. China, Canada reach quick deals on oil, uranium

Once upon a time oil was considered a strategically important commodity absolutely vital to America’s national security interests. Any student of history with a brain larger than that of a grain of salt can tell you, the one true factor that doomed Nazi Germany in WWII, was their inaccessibility to oil. In what no rational individual can consider to be anything less than an act of treason, President Barack Obama has used just about every single tool at his disposal to minimize America’s access to reliable reasonably priced crude oil

He has closed off exploration and drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (Can you say permitorium?), sicked the EPA on the Shale oil producers here in America (Balkan Shale Formation, Green River Formation), refused to expand exploration in America (West Coast Offshore, Alaska), fomented unrest and alienated what few friends we had in the Middle East and despite the desires of the American people vetoed the Keystone Pipeline that would have brought billions of barrels of Canadian Tar Sand oil to America.

In the heart of Mordor on the Potomac, residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is Saurmon aka Barack Obama, surrounded by his elite cabal of Marxist Ring Wraiths (Valerie Jarrett, Sametha Power, David Axelrod) these are the people who killed the Keystone Pipeline, these are the people who like the Ring Wraiths from Lord of the Rings work tirelessly to deprive America of the vital security interests that ensure America’s national security and sovereignty.

50% percent of the Democrat’s, 69% percent of Independents and over 70% of republicans are demanding that the Keystone Pipeline be built, these numbers of course pales to insignificance in comparison to the 100 percent plurality of Marxist opposition in Mordor on the Potomac. But whatever you do, don’t you dare suggest that Obama and his Marxist cabal be impeached for Treason, that would after-all be RAAAAACIST….

Barack Obama ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to engage in stealth maneuvers designed to cripple American’s 2nd amendment right’s (Operation Fast and Furious), nothing less than subversion to and contravention of the United States Constitution, but again, calling this treason would be sooo RAAAAACIST….

Obama assaults the 1st Amendment,

Report: Obama doubles down on new contraception rule at Democratic retreat

yet again, suggesting that this could possibly be considered treason, that’s right you guessed it… RAAAAACIST….

These are not isolated events, this is a systemic pattern of abuse, when will American’s wake up and recognize that the Marxist at 1600 is actively trying to cripple and destroy America? While we know for certain that the vast majority of democrat’s openly desire to see America remade as a Marxist/Socialist Utopia, how is it that the entire rest of America remains blind to what is happening right under their noses?

The old cliche used to be “It can’t happen here”, news flash sleepy heads, it not only can happen here, it is happening here right now right under your noses.

Edit: Ed Morrissey takes on this Subject over at HotAir with a great interview with Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), worth the read and the video…

CPAC interview: Rep. Mike Pompeo and the Obama war on energy


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