Mitt Romney looking more and more like Al Gore.

In a startling turn of events Newt Gingrich teaches Mitt Romney the brutal reality that Al Gore learned from GW Bush, it’s all about the strategy. In 2000 GW Bush beat Al Gore for the Presidency of the United States of America through strategy, a strategy specifically based upon the laws for the election. As everyone knows, Al Gore won the popular vote, but the US Presidential Election laws specifically states that it is Electoral College votes that determine the outcome of a Presidential Election not the popular vote, and GW Bush won the most Electoral College votes giving him the win.

Mitt Romney out spent Newt Gingrich in Florida by a factor of 5 to 1 only to have Newt yank the thunder of his win right out from under him by asserting that Florida appoint it’s delegates accord to the election rules. The rules in question, no state having it’s primary election prior to April 1 may employe a winner take all appointment of delegates.

Gingrich to challenge Florida’s “winner take all” rule, demand proportional award of delegates

by Allahpundit

He’s got a case, I think. Simple rule: Every state that goes before April 1 is required to award its delegates proportionally. Florida was supposed to go after that date but moved up its primary in defiance of the RNC’s wishes. They were penalized by having half of their 99 delegates taken away — but for some reason, their “winner take all” rule was allowed to remain in effect despite the date change. So Romney ended up with 50 delegates last night while Gingrich got squat.

But maybe not for long:

This is the exact same kind of out of the box thinking that led GW Bush to triumph over Al Gore in 2000 and it is exactly the kind of out of the box strategic thinking that will be required to unseat Barack Obama next November. Mitt Romney was unable to outmaneuver Senator John McCain in 2008, who has everyone know lost very badly to Barack Obama, and now is showing unmistakable signs of being unable to knock Newt Gingrich out of the race despite a 5 to 1 spending advantage.

The GOP aristocrat elite and their co-conspirators in crime the Fifth Column Treasonous Media are without a doubt screaming and kicking and wailing, gnashing their teeth and kicking puppies right now at this turn of events. Suddenly, when it looked like Romney had a nice comfortable 50 point lead from which they could assert that Mitt Romney was the unquestionable frontrunner and nominee apparent, Newt kicks the chair out from under them just as they drew in their breath for a long bloviated rant, reducing Mitt Romney’s lead to a mere seven points, in other words a statistical tie.

There is no joy in Mudville tonight for the mighty Casey Romney has struck out, 17 million dollars spent to tie the state of Florida with Newt Gingrich who spent a mere 5 million while no doubt chuckling quietly to himself the entire time.


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