The Marxists at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave disrespects the US Flag.

Mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a well documented member of the Communist Party of the United States of America, and introduced to Chicago Politics by the treason committing domestic terrorist and murderer William Ayers, Barack Hussein Obama and his wife displayed in an unguarded moment on national television at the 9/11 memorial their complete and utter contempt for the American Flag and the Republic for which it stands.

With his every political move an attempt to fully and completely implement the notorious and treasonous Cloward-Pivens strategy this revelation can hardly be said to be shocking. His administration has been nothing but scandals of the high crimes and misdemeanors variety since the day he took office.

From what is now clearly being shown to be little more than a money laundering scheme to finance Solyndra to the “Fast and Furious” attempt to subvert and nullify the Second amendment.

Even his recent “Jobs Bill” shows little evidence of being anything other than a scam designed to accelerate the implementation of the Cloward-Pivens strategy.

Michelle Obama revels with one single sentence just how great their contempt of America is, “All this over a flag?” to which Barack Obama grins and nods his head in agreement. Indeed, all this, not for a flag Michelle, but for the Republic for which it stands, and in memory and tribute to those who lost their lives in the most horrendous attack on America civilians and the nation itself in American history.


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