General Motors Co. CEO Dan Akerson tries to loose his job and have his head put on a pike.

With the price of gasoline putting a major hurt on American families and the US economy, General Motors Co. CEO Dan Akerson decides to double down on the stupidity that put General Motors in bankruptcy court. As if it wasn’t bad enough that this “To big to fail” automobile manufacture couldn’t control the spiraling cost of manufacturing cars, thus the retail pricing of vehicles that allowed foreign competitors to eat GM’s lunch. Now he want’s the government not only to enforce CAFE standards that add an additions $3500.00 to the cost of every new vehicle, he want to double down on that stupidity by having the federal government increase the federal tax on gasoline by a full dollar or more per gallon.

GM CEO: Hey’s who’s up for a one-dollar hike in federal gas tax?

How is it that a man this incompetent is still the CEO of a publicly traded corporation that just had to take billions of dollars in federal money to clean up his incompetency? Is Dan Akerson intentionally trying to put General Motors out of business? Could this man actually believe that that telling his customers they have no choice but to buy a product that they do not want is a legitimate business plan?

His twisted logic and justification for adopting the burdensome CAFE standards and economically devastatingly increased taxation rate on gasoline, why it is nothing less than to force consumers to buy “Green Vehicles”. Where have we heard this arrogant self serving “The little people aren’t intelligent enough to know what’s good for them” crap before? It’s the same sick twisted rationalization that Adolph Hitler, Joesph Stalin and Chairman Mao and every ruthless despotic dictator since them have used to justify stripping the citizens of their rights freedoms and liberties.

Has General Motors Co. CEO Dan Akerson ever heard of the term, “conflict of interest” how about “fiduciary obligation”? Perhaps someone should have explained to Dan Akerson that GM is in the business to sell cars, not dictate public policy. Were Dan Akerson an even remotely competent CEO he would recognize the single most important aspect behind running a successful business is to produce a product that your customers actually want at a price that they can afford.

Instead, at a time when the America economy is statistically in worse condition than it was during the great depression Dan “Wily E. Coyote, Super Genius” Akerson steps forward with his best gruppenführer posture and proclaims that since American’s are to stupid, selfish and greedy to do what is in America, and therefore their own best interests, it falls upon him and the federal government to force them to submit to their profound intellect and wisdom.

You vill buy ze green auto’s und you vill like zem, or ve vill haves to break all of your fingers minen little friends. If Dan “Wily E. Coyote, Super Genius” Akerson were actually trying to destroy General Motors I seriously doubt he could have come up with a more effective strategy, tell your customers, you’re stupid, were going to needlessly increase the cost of our products, and just encase you don’t like it, were going to get the federal government to blackmail you into liking it by needlessly raising your fuel cost so they you will have no reasonable choice except to accept these POS green vehicles we are foisting on you against your will.

Like congress and the federal government General Motors has adopted an attitude of not giving a damned what the general public or even their stockholders think of their actions, they are “To big to fail” hence no longer capable of being held accountable to anyone save possibly the federal government. Just in case anyone still breathing hasn’t caught on yet, the federal government has long since ceased being responsible to the people or even giving a crap if the people know they no longer represent the people.

If I owned stock in Grabberment Motors, I would be selling it right now, at a loss just so that General Motors Co. CEO Dan Akerson could see my “little people” middle finger fully extended and pointed right at him flying that traditional America F.O. flag.


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