From Gerry Studd’s to Anthony Wiener

There is one thing that is indisputably consistent about Democrats, no matter what they do there are only two things capable of removing them from office once they are elected death and prison. Since being a elected democrat usually means even committing a crime wont get you convicted, (Charlie Rangle anybody?) that pretty much leaves only death capable of taking a sitting democrat out of office.

Massachusetts Representative Gerry Studd’s (Democrat of course) is the poster boy for Democrat morals and ethics. Caught having a sexual affair with a underage male page, the Republicans voted to censer Studd’s, a pretty weak knee pathetic response to homosexual pedophilia at best, the Democrat’s response was to stand, turn their backs on the Republicans and give Rep. Gerry Studd’s a standing ovation.

President William Jefferson Clinton, who abused his power and authority to squelch two investigation alleging that he raped women, when brought up on impeachment proceeding for committing perjury before a grand jury, was exonerated by his Democrat peers. The list of Democrat corruption and malfeasance while in office cannot be said to be significantly different than that of the Republicans, what does differ however is how the Democrats respond to one of the members being caught.

Democrats never resign from office over a scandal, they never willingly relinquish power or authority. They use every means both legal and illegal to retain their seats and the table of power and influence. This s the true face of the Democrat Party, power for the sake of power, the End Justifies the Means. They have to moral’s, ethics or principals except that which puts them in office and keeps them there.

Charlie Rangle evaded paying taxes on 1.2 million dollars and was caught, the consequences? None, nada, not even a slap on the wrist. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) illegally funneled Billions of dollars to her husbands construction company, not a whisper of it in the “Ethic Committee”. Maxine Water’s used her influence to arrange TARP funds to bail out the bank her husband was heavily invested in, the “Ethics Committee” looked the other way.

California Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham got a sweetheart deal on a house from a real-estate mogul and went to prison for his efforts while Illinois Senator Barack Obama received a nearly identical sweetheart deal from Anthoney Reznik and went to the Office of the President of the United States of America for his effort.

To say that Democrat’s are utterly without morals, ethics, principals or a conscience is not an act of hysterical hyperbolic partisan ranting, it is to merely quote the undeniable and incontrovertible record. Public action of dubious moral standard routinely result in Republican representatives being forced to resign, while offenses that shock the public conscience or violate criminal statutes leave no trace of mark on Democrats.

This can suggest only one logical conclusion, that the individuals whom the Democrat’s represent have even lower moral ethical standards than those whom they vote for. Former Republican Rep. Chris Lee was forced to resign recently for posting a picture of himself shirtless on craigslist, whereas in keeping with Democrat moral and ethical standards, Democrat Rep. Anthony Wiener, who sent picture that belong in a gay pornographic magazine as well as sending pictures of his junk to hundreds of underage girls has vowed that he will not resign.

Nancy Pelosi, (Oh my: Pelosi calls for House ethics investigation of Weiner) perhaps the most corrupt politician to ever serve as the Speaker of the House has demanded that an ethics investigation into Rep. Wieners conduct take place, considering the outcome of congressional “Ethic’s Committee” investigations regarding Charlie Rangle and Maxine Water’s one can only conclude that the sole and solitary reason for such an investigation is to remove Rep. Wiener’s scandal from the public sphere and quietly insure that nothing more comes of it.

Weiner to address media at 4 p.m. ET; Report: Weiner won’t resign; Update: Breitbart takes over Weiner presser; Update: Weiner admits to sending photo, not resigning; Update: Apologizes to Breitbart; Update: Woman who received Weiner pics speaks to ABC

If their is a villain in this story greater than that of the Democrat Party that award goes to the Mainstream Media, or as I prefer to call them, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media. When the debates were taking place in the Continental Congress regarding the First Amendment Benjamin Franklin famously described the media as the “Fourth Estate” whose role in America was to hold politicians accountable to the citizens of the Republic and ensure that the government of the people, by the people and for the people remain exactly that rather than become a tyrannical totalitarian monster which deprived the citizens of America of their freedoms and liberties.

Well the Fifth Column Treasonous Media has betrayed Benjamin Franklin’s vision of that public safeguard and watchdog to a degree that poor Benjamin Franklin in his wildest most frightening nightmare could not possibly have imagined. Their betrayal of the Republic they were entrusted to protect is the only thing more disturbing in Americas than the complete lack of morals and ethics displayed daily by the democrat Party.

Will Democrat Rep. Anthony Wiener resign over the Wienergate scandal? Not bloody likely, it is in fact far more likely that he will resign in shame and humiliation than it is that the Mainstream Media Fifth Column Treasonous Media will make a genuine attempt to hold him accountable for his behavior. The Fifth Column Treasonous Media concocted despicable lie after despicable lie in their relentless attempt to destroy Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, yet Democrat Rep. Anthony Wiener whose conduct genuinely shocked the public conscience of America will barely receive a public rebuke for the Fifth Column Treasonous Media.

Did Weiner ask one of his correspondents to lie?

Edit: Kudos to Doug Powers over at Michelle Malkin for hitting on the media malfeasance on this issue.

Tuesday Weiner Roundup


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