RIP US Constitution, or how the cowards in Congress killed America.

As Obama ignores yet another law passed by Congress what does the US Congress do. They do exactly the same thing they have done each previous time. Not one damned thing. Obama is not the President of the United States of America, he is America’s Adolf Hitler. Yes, that’s right Godwin’s law and all and I said it. Which law has he ignored this time? the War Powers Act.

Where was congress when Obama forced the Shareholders of GM to forfeit their financial property when the US government seized General Motors and gave that property to the Unions? Doing the exact same thing that they are doing right now, not a damned thing. Where was Congress when the Obama Administration violated the 18 USC 600? Doing everything in their power to shield Obama from US Law.

When Obama declared the Permtorium on oil drilling in the Gulf and the courts declared his Permitorium illegal, where was Congress? Sitting on their asses protecting Obama. When the Courts declared Obamacare Unconstitutional and Obama order his Administration to enact it regardless, where was Congress, they were screwing the American people seven ways from Sunday, that’s where they were.

When Obama violated the campaign finance laws, where was Congress. That question can be asked again and again and again, and the answer is the same every damned time. Obama has shredded the US Constitution and the US Congress has helped him every single step of the way.

Welcome to the Fourth Reich ladies and gentlemen, you are no longer citizens of the United States of America, you are the property of the Federal Government, your money, it really belong to the Government, as does your house, your car, and your kids. They are all property of the State, assets to be used as the State see’s fit. You, you’re just the sucker who doesn’t understand yet what has been done to you in your very own name.

Your freedom, your liberty, your property, and even your life, they are gone, you were betrayed by Congress. Face it America, you have been betrayed and sold out.

You think this is conspiracy talk? You think this is insane crazy talk? Then I dare you to ask yourself this and demand a honest answer. If G.W Bush, or Sarah Palin had done any of the things listed above, how loud would the Democrat’s or the Fifth Column Treasonous Media be screaming right now for their impeachment? Where is Congress or the Fifth Column Treasonous Media’s outrage over Obama doing these things? There is none and you know it. Listen carefully, that silence you hear, that is you being betrayed, and their isn’t a god damned thing you can do about it.


2 thoughts on “RIP US Constitution, or how the cowards in Congress killed America.

  1. You will probably want to delete this comment, but this is exactly why I came to be a secessionist.

    The federal government is no longer bound by the Constitution and it is completely out of our control.

    The only thing that changes with each election is how rapidly things are going downhill.

    • Nope, no need to delete, I understand your frustration, I just do not think secession is the answer. My family bought their first house on the Island of Nantucket in 1629. Every generation since then, someone in our family has served in the US Military and shed their blood for this nation, for this republic. As they say, we/I have to much invested in this experiment in democracy to surrender. I am not blind to what is happening, but I refuse to give up on what my family has invested so much in.

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