Hmmm, unemployment unexpectedly goes back up to 9 percent.

Hmmm, home prices unexpectedly drop another 8 percent.

Hmmm, the price of gasoline unexpectedly increases.

Hmmm, America’s GDP unexpectedly drops to 1.8 percent.

Does any of this unexpected economic news really come as a surprise to anyone other than the so called experts and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media? I am I only person in America who has unexpectedly come to believe that a bunch of imbeciles are running the American government and that the Mainstream Media genuinely couldn’t find their own assholes with both hands even with an operating room full of doctors to guide them?

Just how many times do the so called journalist and government analysts really think they can claim that things we all see everyday with our own two eyes are unexpected events? Seriously, the Obama Administration is spending 1.3 trillion dollars a year more than it takes in in tax revenues, how could anyone knowing this think increasing unemployment, decreasing home values, increasing fuel and food costs and a shrinking economy could possible be unexpected?

Does every single individual in the Obama Administration and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media start their day off by smoking a pound of crack cocaine? What other possible explanation could their be for the unexpectedly incompetent performance they have been handing in for the last 3 years? Will the Fifth Column Treasonous Media report that Barrack Obama unexpectedly was not re-elected in 2012 when unemployment is at 15 percent nationally and gasoline is selling for $7.00 per gallon?

Is their anyone who honestly thinks given the 13 trillion dollars Obama has indebted America or based on the obvious and indisputable trends were are seeing right now, that 15 percent unemployment or $7.00 dollar a gallon gasoline by November 2012 is going to be unexpected?

The Obama Administration and the Fifth Column Treasonous Media keep using the word “Unexpectedly”, You know, I do not think that it means what they think that it means.


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