The insufferable narcissism of Ivory league Elitists

Micheal Kinsley in his recent Politico article, Do people really want a stupid president?, has managed to sum up the epitome of leftist liberal narcissistic arrogance. Rather than attempt to examine the roots of American dissatisfaction with the elitist political ruling class, he attacks the Republican leadership. A tactic so tired and worn out that even a blind man could see it coming.

He begins his premise with the conclusion that it’s the elitist Republican leaderships fault that America is disenchanted with President Obama and that it was the two previous Bush Presidents that were really the Ivy League elitist snobs. So deep is he in the web of denial that it never occurs to him to consider that the Average American decided without the punditry of former Bush II speech writer Michael Gerson that Obama was even more of a noxious insufferable Ivy League narcissistic elitist than both Bush’s combined.

No, in Micheal Kinsley delusional world the American people are just to dim witted to see through republican political rhetoric, to uneducated and simple minded to make rational logical decisions on their own and can only follow the narrative laid down by their intellectual superiors. Odd that it doesn’t occur to mister super genius Kinsley that were his supposition even remotely true, then he himself has cast the greatest aspersion upon the intellect and wisdom of President Obama of all.

The pretext of Kinsley’s diatribe is to shatter the supposed illusions of elitism cast upon Obama by republican strategists, to do this he attempts to elucidate upon the hypocritical nature of the republican strategist’s dissection of Obama’s behavior. His argument in reality amounts to a hyper-bloviated juvenile taunt of, Billy did it to, and we’re rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off us and sticks to you.

Moreover he opens up the book of unintended consequences and proceeds to slam President Obama to the mat in a fashion that would cause WWF’s Undertaker to wince. The substance of is argument is the defense by Reductio ad absurdum, the absurd nature of the republican hypocrisy is evidence that Obama isn’t an Ivy League Elitist, but instead an actual intellectual. Ignoring the more pivotal epiphany forced upon his readers regarding the intellectually stunted unwashed masses and the republican strategist’s ability to tell them what to think.

To wit, if Obama actually is what Kinsley is attempting to portray with such farsical praise “It’s been hard, though, to figure out how to use this strategy against the first black president, especially one with Barack Obama’s amazing life story.” a genuine intellectual, how is that the majority Americans have become disenchanted and just plain fed up with him? Are the republican strategist’s that much smarter than the President and his liberal democrat strategist’s?

Or, could it simple be that Obama actually is a typical Ivy League elitist whose entire sense of intellectual superiority and entitlement are fictional artifacts of the arrogant Ivy League community that he comes from and the stench of his behavior has offended the sensibilities of everyday Americans whom neither Obama nor any democratic strategist is capable of relating to. To say that Micheal Kinsley, his fellow peers in the Fifth Column Treasonous Media or the members of the Democrat leadership are out of touch with the American people is an understatement of cosmic proportions.

Were it not for their narcissistic arrogance Nov.2nd could be expected to be a teachable moment for them, alas their is about as much a chance of them coming to a genuine understanding of the will of the American people as there is of Islam genuinely being a religion of Peace.


3 thoughts on “The insufferable narcissism of Ivory league Elitists

  1. Not a big fan of Kinsley, I see.

    Kinsley, MSM, et. al. are like the cheerleaders of a team that’s down 3 touchdowns at the 2 minute warning. They think that if they could cheer just right it would somehow propel their team into the W column. What they fail to realize is that no matter how loud, how much, how intense, or even what they cheer, they’re still just cheerleaders, NOT players.

    November 3rd, the ones who didn’t slit their wrists the night before, will still be able to look at themselves in the mirror, indignant that so many people aren’t as smart as they are, and voted for the wrong guy/girl.

  2. Ok, here’s one link

    And here’s another

    But it was Ms. Estrich’s vicious attack on Los Angeles Times Opinion Editor Michael Kinsley that was so shocking. Ms. Estrich used Mr. Kinsley’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease as easy fodder for her attacks on the newspaper. She insisted that his failure to publish women like herself is evidence that “your illness may have affected your brain, your judgment, and your ability to do this job.” Ms. Estrich warned Mr. Kinsley that he is “digging a grave for [him] self.”

  3. Don’t know if you check in with instapundit, but over there is a more telling analysis. The ‘credentialed’ elite.
    Not based on merit, but on the ‘right’ stops along life’s path, Ivy League schools being among them.

    From Kinsley’s piece again:

    The last two Republican presidents — both named George Bush, both Andover, both Yale — were especially brilliant at painting their opponents as Ivy-covered elitists and themselves as jes’ folks.

    Listen to the premise here. They were Ivy League so OF COURSE they could not be jes’ folks.

    This is a premise about ‘the deserving class’ that is so part of the intellectual DNA that they can no more feel it than anyone can feel their cells dividing.

    May I offer a bit of ammo? Go find Thomas Sowell’s book “Intellectuals and Society”. It’s a barn burner.

    Oh, a few more things about the personalities involved. Michael Gerson is a wimp who flogs his credentials as a ‘compassionate Christian’. It is apparently is his excuse for being less than a clear thinker, altho’ with this particular article he excelled.

    Michael Kinsley was once editor of the Los Angelse Times editorial page. Susan Estrich took issue with how he did his job because he wasn’t publishing enough women. As she said that perhaps it had something to do with his Parkinson’s disease.

    I don’t remember the exact response he gave, but I do recall that it was gracious in the extreme. I’ll see if I can find it.

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