Climbing into the Watchtower

Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

There is coming a day of reckoning, not that one referenced in the passage from Revelation above, but one here in the United States of America. It comes on November 2nd 2010 in the form of elections, and like the devil referenced above their most assuredly are those who know their time is short and they have a great wrath, and they will seek to unleash their vengeance while they still may.

There are those even in America who believe themselves to be more than just special, they believe they are elite, entitled to rule. They believe their intelligences, moral and ethical compasses and educations place them in a special privileged class, a class above the mere common unwashed masses. It is their belief that they have the wisdom and strength to make decisions that ordinary common people cannot even understand let alone have the courage to make correctly.

These people, these special privileged elite people are used to getting what they want. They make promises for the sole and exclusive purpose of obtaining positions of power that they have no explicit intention of fulfilling. That special moral and ethical compass of theirs allows this because for them the end justifies the means. They are allowed to lie to and deceive the little people because it’s for the little peoples own good. The little people after all need them, the special privileged elite, to guide them through their meaningless little lives, lives that the little people are unable to manage on their own.

November 2nd 2010 is coming and when it is passed little will have changed. The special privileged elite will still be in power dictating the daily affairs of the unwashed masses, the little people will still be the little people. What will change is that the little people will remind the special privileged elite that it is in fact they, the little people, who decide who the special privileged elite are, and for just how long they sit at the seats of power.

Moreover the little people will also remind the special privileged elite that being a member of the special privileged elite class is not entirely without consequences. Even in the realm human affairs and politics the laws of nature and physics as spelled out by Sir Isaac Newton hold sway. For every action their is indeed an equal and opposite reaction.

Come November 2nd 2010 many currently sitting at the big table will have their seats removed, not enough of them in this writers humble opinion, but many just the same. Many of them are all to aware that their tenure at the big table is just about up, and they will take actions for their futures. Actions against the wills and desires of the little people who seated them at the big table in the first place. Most frighteningly of all is that again, just like the devil in the scriptures referenced above, it will never ever occur to these people that it is the fact that they are responsible for their own actions and it is their own actions that is the reason they are loosing their seat at the big table.

No, sadly little will change come November 2nd 2010, the special privileged elite will still rule, not enough of them will loose their seats and even fewer of those who replace the ones that do will genuinely be the advocates that they promised to be or that the little people hope and pray they will be. The corrupt will become more corrupt, the special privileged elite will continue to anoint themselves as America’s new aristocracy and the little people will continue to be used and abused.

But for a moment their will be a slight reprieve, a few days while the chattel changes hands from old taskmaster to new. For a time the new taskmaster hand will be gentler than the old’s because the newly seated special privileged elite still remember and fear the little people who placed them at the big table. That will pass all to quickly, how long it lasts will depend entirely on how many old guard special privileged elite lose their seats and how many brand spanking new replace them.


3 thoughts on “Climbing into the Watchtower

  1. It’s too bad the Founding Father’s didn’t fully recognize the problems that not having term limits built into the Constitution would bring. We’d be far better off if Congresscritters were termed out after 2 terms, and further barred from lobbying for an equal amount of time after leaving office.

  2. The larger problem is not so much how corrupt the incumbents so often become once they have been in power for any length of time, but the fact that government as a whole has waaaay too much power to begin with. This is particularly true of government agencies and bureaucracies. THOSE are what has to go, and soon.

    Even if we vote the bums out this time around – and I hope and pray that we will – unless we address the root of the problem, which is excessive government power, we are just one election away from renewed tyranny.

    • The root of the problem is corruption, excessive government power is the fruit of that tree, other than that minor distinction I am in complete agreement with your prognosis. Right now we suffer from tyranny of the minority, and the minority is totally corrupt. If the power of that minority is not significantly curtailed it will continue and we shall simply go from one oppressor to another.

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