The distant Rumbling…

Listen carefully children, far off in the distance you can just hear it, it is the rumbling of a great storm. This is no ordinary storm, this is a unique storm. This is the sound of a storm you may never hear, or if you do, never hear again in your life time.

You may never hear it, because their are powerful people who have invested enormous amounts of time, money and reputations in your not hearing it. They are even now pulling out the flash paper to blind you, the shiny objects to distract you, the frightening things to scare you.

Sen. Barbra Boxer wants ClimateGate investigated, not because of what the leaked e-mails show, but because they were leaked to a public that was never ever supposed to see them.

The Mainstream Media refuses to cover ClimateGate or when they do, they pretend that the leaked information is meaningless noise rattled by discredited deniers.

They turn this way and that way pointing here and there with one single ambition, to get your attention off and away from the substance of the leaked East Anglia CRU documents.

Ask yourself the one single solitary important question if you ask no other question. Why are they (Gordon Brown, Barbra Boxer, The MSM) working so feverishly to condemn the messenger rather than addressing the message?

The answer is genuinely frightening, because they know and have known all along that the so called science behind Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fraud.

The politicians, the media and the core group of scientists involved in AGW have been conspiring to propagate the largest Ponzi scheme in human history.

Sherlock Holmes once postulated the theory of evidentiary discovery as, once all the fictions have been stripped away and the facts laid bare what is left, however inconceivable and bizarre is the truth.

In this case, as inconceivable and bizarre as it may seem, what remains is the brutal truth. From the highest levels of government world wide have come a conspiracy to defraud virtually every private citizen in every nation on earth of a significant percentage of their personal assets.

From the cap and trade bills to the Copenhagen carbon emissions protocols there is not one single bit of politically motivated legislation capable of effecting future weather patterns. All these proposed laws do is give various governments supposed rights to tax the citizen of the world for climate fluctuations that human beings are neither responsible for nor capable in any way shape or form of altering.

They are counting on you not knowing anything about science, they are counting on you being easily distracted, they are counting on you not caring, but most of all, they are counting on you not doing anything at all to oppose their actions.

Listen carefully, that sound you hear is them, the corrupt politicians, a Fourth Estate that sold it’s soul to become a Fifth Column, and so called scientists who have no ethics or integrity, they are doing a mad shuffle off in the wings, scurrying like cockroaches when the kitchen light is turned on.

They are throwing all the flash paper they can find, tossing objects at you to distract you from the obvious fact. They are going after the messenger…. Because they already know what the message is, they have all along.

If they succeed in distracting enough people with their claims that the CRUtapes mean nothing, lets investigate who leaked this information, then the one single thing you can be guaranteed of is this.

As long as the governmental structures and the media complex that exist today remain, you the general public will never see the light of truth out of any government on earth again so long as you live.


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