The United States of America, a bought and paid for Oligarchy.

How do criminals masquerading as politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Barbra Boxer keep getting re-elected? The answer is frighteningly simple. Money, in California for example it cost nearly one million dollars to run a genuinely effective Senate seat challenge.

If you dont have a million dollars to run your campaign you are not going to challenge a sitting incumbent, period. Take me for example, I would gladly challenge Barbra Boxer for her senate seat. But I have no name recognition, no party funding (I’m far to conservative for the plastic fake California Republican Party) and no personal fortune with which to challenge Sen. Boxer.

American politics have become an Oligarchy run by special interest groups and unions. Average working stiff’s like me are shut out not only of the possibility of running, but of even having a regular working class individual to represent our political views.

We have become nothing less than a ATM machine for corrupt professional politicians, a serf class of laborers good only to be told what is good for us because our new Aristocratic leaders are so much smarter than we are.

The Mother E’ffing Mainstream Marxist Propaganda Media (which has become so corrupt that it makes the old Soviet Pravda blush) has transformed from the Fourth Estate into a Marxist Fifth Column. They combined with the special interests groups and the unions have in effect stolen from “We the People” any genuine ability to determine whom our elected officials will be.

The frightening and sad fact is that whilst we decry the obvious fraud of Iran’s Presidential elections we suffer under a currently inequitable system every bit as fraudulent. Wealthy and powerful people hidden deeply in the darkest shadows decide for us who we can and cannot vote for.

Our founding fathers warned us not to allow professional politicians to gain control of our political process, they considered professional politicians to be the lowest form of scoundrel. It is a damned shame and possible an outright crime against those courageous men that we failed to listen to their advice.

Instead of the citizen patriots that they envisioned running our great republic, we have Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha and Barbra Boxer. Our founding fathers surely are looking down on us and thinking, what fools our children have become.


6 thoughts on “The United States of America, a bought and paid for Oligarchy.

  1. Hey Dorian, sorry to post here, but I can’t post on Blogmocracy! Can you e-mail anyone? I’m going through withdrawal.

    • m
      72 | December 5, 2009 11:59 am

      @ doriangrey:

      Especially since he can’t seem to defend himself at the moment! lol

      I’m so sorry Bumr! You’re on the “good guy” list, I don’t know why wordpress thinks you[‘re] spam today!

      OK, checked with “m”, hope this clears that up, as to when they can get the problem sorted out? I’m not sure…

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