Assassinating President Obama

There is a recent and disturbing trend among liberals, suggesting that either Obama will be assassinated or that conservatives believe that he should be assassinated.  Let me be perfectly crystal clear on this subject.  That is an idea that borders somewhere between utterly insane or treasonous.

Anyone person that even momentarily consider this as a legitimate concept need to have their head examined, period end of story. Many things Obama may be, but one thing is absolutely unquestionable is, the President of the United States of America.

I will state for the record, I did not vote for Obama and I do not like him, I personally believe that he is a Marxist attempting to stage a bloodless communist coup here in the United States. That said, he is still the lawfully elected President of the United States of America.

Here in America we have a system in place that allows us to decide who will be the leader of this great republic and it absolutely does not include killing those that a majority of our fellow citizens have chosen.

The very notion that patriotic American citizens would, just because they are conservative, condone such an act is an amazing insult to the American people especially those of the conservative persuasion.

Any imbecile who dares to or is stupid enough to make such a assertion either in public or even to any other person is fully deserving of having the Secret Service’s most foul tempered pissed off angry investigators climb so far up their ass that the Secret Service agent can be seen peeking out their nose.

Moreover like this infantile suggestion, is the equally stupid and offensive liberal intellectual elite’s suggestion that the US Military will soon stage a military coup to overthrow the Obama administration and place senior military personal in place to combat political corruption.

Like the assassination meme this concept is offensive beyond belief. The United States of America is the worlds greatest Republic not some third world Banana republic.

My family has been a military family since the Revolutionary war; we have shed blood in every single conflict that The United States has ever been in. I cannot begin to express in words the anger or disgust that these ideas evoke in me.

Anyone stupid enough to attempt an assassination of President Obama should be convicted and sentenced to life in prison and any military officer that would consider a military coup deserves to finish their life making little rocks out of big rocks at Fort Leavenworth.

But more importantly whoever it is making these suggestion should straight up FOAD…


5 thoughts on “Assassinating President Obama

  1. It’s sad we even have to refute the rumors. Any reasonable person would know that is a bunch of nonsense. My liberal friends keep saying that they know I’m not a racist, but that they are still convinced all the other Tea Party people are all racist. They just can’t open their eyes because they’ve been lied to for so long.

  2. good post dorian! as i have often said nobama is simply a vehicle to a communistic society. his election was made firm by a group, including soros, and his death will bring about the change as it is blamed on the republican conservative and their right wing associates. he is totally expendable and they will insure he doesn’t run for a second term by eliminating him, it will be a national emergency at that time and constitutional rights will be suspended as the people riot in the street.

    • I have little doubt he will try, without the US Military, who despise him, though his chances are slim, he will have the Law enforcement community though and they will do pretty much what ever he tells them to do. Odd’s are that things will get pretty ugly if the American people dont flush congress in 2010. If we do, Obama is a one term failed communist dictator wannabe.

  3. Excellent post Dorian!

    I, like yourself find the idea of assassination abhorrent and though I think the man is dangerous, the idea of an attempt on his life to be the most UN-American thing imaginable.

    Rose. As to who would be blamed. Is there any question? Really? Even though two assassinations were carried out by a Communist (lefty?) and a Palestinian, who do you think the left would blame?

  4. I agree 100%. Much as I do not like Obama, in no way shape or form do I wish him or his family ill.

    The Disturbing meme the Democrat/Soros machine is trying to set up is entirely false – and makes me wonder jut what it is they are up to, and who they are going to try to blame when they do it.

    Nancy’s tears are just too fake – the talking point is too conveniently popping up simultaneously in too many places.

    And we already know that they do not really CARE about nasty rhetoric, as they have been promulgating it for 8 years against Bush, in addition to wink-wink-nod-nod approval of groups like Earth First!, ALF, ELF, Code Pink, The Black Block Anarchists… even now the brutal killing in Chicago has elicited nary a peep from tearful Nancy…

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